Rima is designed in Berlin and handmade in Florence, Italy.
We decided to sustain local artisans in the Florence area, where the goldsmiths are exceptionally skilled. 
Our jewels value materials and craftsmanship, we are committed to ethical sourcing.

Every one of our pieces is handmade and treated like a fine jewelry piece by skilled  goldsmiths in our workshop. 
The gold plating is made with 18kt gold, making it non allergic. Every stud that goes directly into the ear is made with non allergic metal and is nickel free. 
Our pieces receive a special treatment to stabilize the gold plating and leave them beautiful over time. 
The silver optic Jewelry is rhodiated, with the same treatment used to make White Gold.
Rhodium is a very precious metal, that is also found in platin, but not well known outside the industry.

Our main goal is to create pieces of jewelry that transcend traditional ideas of how, when and by whom accessories are worn. We set out to develop collections that stand out, are accessible and simply look great.

Elisa Casini & Gabi Lück

Founders of Rima Jewelry about how it all started and where the journey goes.

Our Story